WTP offers a unique, personalized turnkey publishing and multimedia sales package to successful, affluent individuals who wish to publish their autobiography, memoir, guidebook, or novel. WTP will give its clients full control over the published content as well as control of all other rights, including but not limited to the production, marketing, and commercial sale of their book in print, digital, and audio format.

The book-publishing industry is in turmoil. Advances—the pre-payments authors receive on signing with a publisher—are at an all-time low for all but a few best-selling writers. One effect of that is that more books are being independently published by on-demand publishers who issue small quantities of self-published books. Other aspiring authors self-publish their own works and market them on social media. Few are successful; most are unreadable.

Commercial publishing is also a lengthy process. Commercial houses publishing an author‘s work and can take more than two years from a signed contract until the book appears on the shelves. WTP can go from concept to finished, high-quality books on the shelves in 12 months or less.

Independent authors also rely all too heavily on internet distribution, i.e. Audible for audio books, Kindle for E-books, and Amazon for printed books. These entities limit authors from receiving a fair share of the profits for their book. Indeed, up to seventy cents of every dollar earned can remain with the internet distribution companies, even as authors are forced to buy commercial ads from those very same companies in order to properly promote the book.

That is why WTP has come up with a better and more efficient way to produce, market, and sell books for a small but financially secure clientele.

The writing process will include the recruiting of a professional writer, the taping and transcribing of interviews, developing a chapter outline and thematic story arc, and writing the content from first draft to a polished second, final draft.

The editorial process will include professional copy editing and proofreading, selecting artwork and photographs or drawings, graphic and cover design, and layout for print and e-book.

WTP will also facilitate the recruiting of a top-ranked professional narrator for the audio book as well as post-editing services. It will also produce a video trailer for the book, design and launch an independent e-commerce book site, and manufacture a print edition of 10,000 to 50,000 high quality hardcover books.

Sales services will include maintaining the webstore as well as setting independent up warehouse facilities with fulfillment and distribution services for both retail and wholesale customers. WTP will arrange for a professional, publishing-savvy communications firm to promote the book and the author in print, on radio, and television. WTP will also endeavor to schedule the author to address audiences at universities, book clubs, and professional organizations as well as helping to introduce the book to television and film producers.